Classic imagery produced in real environments for corporate, medical,
education and non-profit clients worldwide.


Southern Wisconsin: These men are extremely high paid computer engineers working as a team in a 'boiler room' with 30-40 other engineers. The place is kept very dark so they can comfortably see all the detail on their screens. Very hard to photograph in- particularly when there is the slightest movement.
This photo was shot almost in the dark-- at 3200asa- with the Nikon D3. The 'noise' in the high res. version is almost non existent-- the photo has been used as a double truck in an annual report. Amazing quality.

Private transportation- Hyannis, Massachusetts

Hyannis, Massachusetts: Hanger shot for a web site that manufactures the doors (!) for commercial hangers.
The D3 Nikon camera was able to handle the contrast between the sky and the interior of the hanger and the shadow of the plane. This photo is the main shot on the splash page of the web site

Indiana: Industrial worker in a 'cold' steel mill near Indianapolis. Only light is from the high carbon arcs in the ceiling. Very hard to get an exposure but sheen of metal reflected light back into the worker's face-- just enough to capture the atmosphere you see here

Chicago: Shot with the Nikon D3 and 13-24mm lens-- at 3200 ASA..... I am essentially hanging from a large cherry picker near the roof. The environment is nearly dark except for the window light and small chandeliers throughout. Yet with the proper settings on the cameras I was able to make the interior look bright and detailed. I don't believe this shot could have been done on film or without the Nikon D3 at high ASA and minimal digital noise.

Indianapolis: Army recruiters showing off how things are done at the pre-race show for the Indy 500 race. This is the army's current strategy to attract young kids: give them a challenge almost made into a game.

Denver: Fabulous color on a cold morning....We had the two models pose on the dish antenna for scale. The magenta in the sky only lasted for 5 minutes.

Bloomington, Indiana: At the (locally) famous "Little Indy" bicycle race at the University of Indiana. My approach to these kind of photos is get very close with a medium wide lens (28mm or so). This allows intimacy of expression but still gets a sense of environment. "Close & Wide" is what I call it.