Classic imagery produced in real environments for corporate, medical,
education and non-profit clients worldwide.


South side of Chicago: This was an extraordinary factory--like entering the 19th century. It is a foundry used for shaping and refining large metal disks. It was easily 95 degrees in the plant and noisier than most. My assistant followed me around with two 1000 watt hot lights which we used to bring out at least some detail in the foreground of our photos. The contrast was extremely high between the super bright red hot objects and the nearly dark surroundings. Plus the operator was moving quite quickly as he pushed the objects in and out of the machinery. Hard to catch him at a moment that worked visually.

Sunrise Service

4am- Hundreds of people came out for a sunrise service- very moving- almost impossible to photograph in the

Eastern Iowa: This warehouse had virtually no light- NONE- it was almost pitch black- even hard to see where I was walking But with the Nikon D3 (and the 14-24mm zoom), and a tripod, and about a 20 second exposiure, detail
and contrast appear magically, And there was almost no color-- just silvery, gray tubes of steel.
But the mixed light of sodium vapor and some daylight filtered in from the ceiling, and the reflections from this light resulted in a colorful, and dynamic image. Impossible without digital and the D3.